Here is a list of places I’ve either created podcasts, or have been a guest on a podcast. Please remember the best thing you can do with any podcast is to subscribe. 😀

We Watch Sports

My friend Graham and I publish a weekly sports and comedy podcast that covers the major sport stories so that you can discuss them but not have to put in the work to actually watch sports.

No Experience Needed

The first podcast I produced and created, attempts to tackle online dating. Myself and Joe are hosting the podcast as two married guys who missed online dating. So throughout seasons 1 and 2 we do everything we can to run our friend’s profiles better than they ever could.

Guest – Screen Fix Podcast

I was invited onto the Screen Fix podcast to help fix “Rambo Last Blood”

Guest- Pop Cult Net Podcast

I was a guest on the Pop Cult Net podcast to discuss the film “Mandy” starring Nicholas Cage.